Reynolds Landscape Contractors is a business that has been renovating and creating beautiful landscapes and relationships for almost 2 decades in and around Athens, Georgia. Check out our Services Page. On this page you will find a list of services that our company offers and a short definition to explain them Gallery.

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RLC, Inc.
125 Hancock Lane
Athens, GA 30605
Office: 706-353-0810
Daniel’s Cell: 706-207-9664

We get many calls asking if we do yard maintenance, weed or feeding lawn care, tree replacements, stump grinding, and fencing. We do not do any of these things, but we would like to refer you to companies who may be able to meet these needs that we have relied on in the past. Within this list you will be able to obtain quality work on upcoming projects that you are looking into completing.

Yard Maintenance
In the Shade Landscapes (Colby Huff)
Office: 706-425-0033

Weed and Feed/Chemicals:
GreenScapes Lawn & Shrub Care (Mike Hall)
Phone: 706-543-8517

Tree Surgeons
Moore Tree Service
Phone: 706-340-3095

Phone: 706-247-2988

Akridge Fence (Greg Akridge)
Phone: 706-540-0010

Dand D. Fence (Danny)
Office: 706-769-3435
Cell: 706-255-7423

Phone: 706-548-3776