Are you looking to sell or rent your home soon?

No matter where you live, the secret to increasing your housing price is found in your landscaping.
An article by House Logic states that good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a location, and another article by AOL Real Estate gave the following example about increasing property value: “A Portland, Oregon, study found that a large-canopy tree, like a maple, planted in the front yard of an urban house increased the sale price on average by nearly $9,000 (the equivalent of adding almost 130 square feet of finished space) and shaved almost two days off its time on the market. Plus, the tree added almost $13,000 to the value of the 7.6 houses lying within the tree’s 100-foot radius.”

Certain items that can add large amounts to your asking price include:

  • Fencing
  • Trees
  • Low-Maintenance Plants
  • Grass
  • Irrigation Systems

If you are looking to install fencing, new grass, and/or an irrigation system be sure to contact a professional. These things can hurt you more if not installed correctly. Trees and low-maintenance plants can be installed in your spare time with a great outcome (It will also increase your sense of fulfillment.).

Don’t be afraid to create a beautiful landscape. The statistics show only positive outcomes for this investment.