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We Are Full Service Landscape Contractors

Reynolds Landscape Contractors is a landscape contracting firm that serves Northeast Georgia.  We specialize in all aspects of landscape installations.  We supply all of our work with guarantees and warranties, but most of all with premium quality.  

Custom Designing and Consultation 

With over 1,000 homes and 100 commercial projects in our portfolio of the past 23 years, Reynolds Landscape Contractors is highly experienced and knowledgeable on designing and consulting.  The tried and true experiences have molded our designs to offer ideas that work and last.  We understand the true elements needed in a design.

Sodding and Seeding

The most important factor in developing and maintaining an attractive and problem free lawn is to choose a grass that will work for your area.  Reynolds Landscape Contractors is excellent in preparing and choosing the correct grass for your needs,  With our education in Turfgrass we understand the principals it takes to establish a lawn in this region.

Erosion Control

(NPDES Monitoring, Silt Fence Managing BMP’S)

With all the latest trend to control erosion. Reynolds Landscape Contractors is qualified with the background knowledge since this trend took place in the field, with the Clean Water Act of 1992.


  • Retaining Wall – Versilock
  • Timbers
  • Crossties
  • Modular Block
  • Natural Stone
  • Paver  Patios
  • Fire pits
  • Rock and Stone Work

Skid and Steer Tractor Services

Reynolds Landscape Contractors is well equipped with the correct tools for the job.  We specialize in skid steer and tractor services.  From bush hogging to tiller work, we have any implement needed for tractor or skid steers.  Our grading skills have been perfected over the years in the field.

Seasonal Color

Reynolds Landscape Contractors use the best plants for the job, our vendors and us take pride in our products.  This offers our clients the latest trends in color and new innovative plants for your landscape.  Preparing the soil is a very important part.

Tree and Shrub Installation

With over 1,000 plus residential homes landscaped; the 23 years of experience with planting and growing plants, we have the green thumb,  Reynolds Landscape Contractors is the Green Thumb Expert!

We know how to prepare and take care of the installation process to ensure the plant or tree is best suited in the landscape.

Irrigation Systems

Reynolds Landscape Contractors understand water!

Our staff is trained as Rainbird and Irrigation Specialists, we have installed systems that are region and climate specific.  From Xeriscaping  principles to cisterns we can design and install any plan for any landscape.

Drainage Systems

With our experiences over the past 23 years through so many climate changes in this part of the state, Reynolds Landscape Contractors is experienced in drainage in the landscape.  From catch basins to french drains, we understand and know how to properly  flow water off the landscape.  We  can provide numerous concepts and techniques on drainage.

Landscape Lighting

Proper landscape lighting offers a whole new aspect to the landscape.  Reynolds Landscape Contractors has a Low Voltage License and years of experience, this  provides great knowledge on landscape lighting.  

Project Tools

How to Know What you Need

When choosing the right contractor for a  job; 1st determine what type of service you need for a company to perform.  After selecting the service you need, then hire a contractor who is licensed and experienced and has a background of years in  that service. Always check business referrals,  their certification and qualifications, and the correct insurance.

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